Parents, rejoice! With the recent Government announcement, preschools and kindergartens are now allowed to open under the strict compliance of standard operating procedures. But no matter how ready you are to embrace the new normal, it is especially difficult for parents with children suffering from dry and irritated skin condition.  That’s where this back to school care pack comes in…


Did you know that hot weather triggers the itchy sensation of child’s dry skin? When their skin gets itchy, they tend to scratch a lot and sometimes we as parents might not even notice. When a child with irritated skin sweats a lot, their skin loses more water and this causes the skin to itch when it gets too dry.…


Did you know that May is one of the hottest months on record? Now you might be wondering if that explains all the sleepless nights your child had to go through during this month. Chances are your little one might be sweating most of the time, causing itchiness and scratching, exposing the skin to bacteria on the surface. This can…


The recent COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO) imposed by the government has brought an unintended benefit – blue skies and better air quality. But, what about our oceans? Did you know that the recycling rate in Malaysia is distressingly low? Surprisingly, as of 2019, it was only at a mere 28%. You might not know this but there are many…


As a parent, Ezerra understands that you are always on the lookout for your children’s well-being. If your baby has red patches on the skin, chances are that your baby might have dry and irritated skin. This skin condition may steal the smile on your child’s face and even worse, meddle with your child’s sleeping routine, but worry not! Ezerra…


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