When it comes to choosing the right baby skincare products for your child, where do you start? Given that a newborn’s skin is thinner and more sensitive compared to an adult’s skin, it is important to use a gentle cleanser specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin. Especially so for babies suffering from dry and irritated skin, this product should ideally…


If you’re a parent of a child suffering from dry and irritated skin, you are not alone. From throwing frustrated tantrums to the inability to participate in regular activities in fear of flare-ups, this condition affects not just the child, but eventually the whole family as well. What’s The Solution?  If you are at your wit’s end, fear not. Chances…


Affecting 1 out of 5 children worldwide, dry and irritated skin condition is indeed a very real issue to plague parents. Frequently seen in babies with a family history of a similar condition, it is often characterised as itch and irritation on the skin where redness may occur.  However, not all hope is lost. Parents may find relief in the…


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