5 Useful Tips to Avoid Dry & Irritated Skin During CNY Visitations


Chinese New Year is almost here, and that means most parents are in the heat of preparation! From organising balik kampung trips to getting the kids prepared for house visitations, it’s easy to lose focus, especially when your child suffers a dry and irritated skin condition. Read on to discover essential tips this festive season […]

How To Cope With An Itching Scratching Child- Part 2

If you need help coping with an itching, scratching child, there are a few key things you can do. One excellent strategy is to find a routine. Routines will take time but long-term they are very beneficial. Routines bring structure to a schedule and this is very important for children regardless […]

How To Cope With An Itching Scratching Child- Part 1

If you have a child who is always scratching and itching, it is important for you to develop some strategies to help your child cope.

The first thing you want to do is plan for different distraction techniques and implement one of the ideas at the first signs of itching.

Here’s how […]

Help! Why can’t my child stop itching?

Dry and sensitive skin is not an easy condition and most parents know it, especially when they see their child’s skin decorated with red patches because of excessive scratching due to the persistent itch that they feel. It is frustrating and annoying not only for the little child who just wants to roll around […]

How Ezerra Plus Combats Unbearable Itch & The Urge To Scratch

When dry and sensitive skin becomes red and the itch gets unbearable, it is virtually impossible to get your child to stop scratching. Moreover, heavy scratching can lead to the risk of bacteria getting under the skin. A distressing situation that is well worth preventing if possible, and easing if already present.
Ezerra Plus Contains the […]

Improve Your Child’s Dry & Sensitive Skin By Reducing These Indoor Allergens

A long-term skin condition that is dry and itchy, the symptoms of having dry and sensitive skin typically results from contact with allergens. So, it’s important to be aware of the numerous indoor allergens that can trigger your child’s dry and sensitive skin and take the necessary steps to reduce exposure to them.

Pets and dust […]

Tips For Itch Relief & Reduced Scratching

While most parents consider itching to be a minor nuisance, the story is very different for dry and sensitive skin patients, particularly children. Itching prompts scratching that can be beneficial in getting rid of various irritants from skin. However, for children that suffer from dry and sensitive skin, stopping the scratch is a challenge.

Scratching provides […]