Discover Ezerra For Baby

As baby skin care specialists, we understand a parent’s concern in selecting the right products for their baby. At their young age, an infant’s skin is extremely delicate and susceptible to external substances. Therefore, our philosophy lies in providing a gentle and safe solution for childhood dry and sensitive skin without any unnecessary additives and chemicals.

For years, we have researched for a gentle solution to effectively relieve childhood dry and itchy skin. As a result, the unique Ezerra formulation today is free from steroids and fragrance.


Steroids are an easy way to alleviate itchy and irritated skin symptoms. However, they pose several risky side effects in the long run. One of the side effects includes thinning of the skin due to its strength. Therefore, our Ezerra baby products are non-steroidal and can be applied to babies as young as 2 weeks old. It is proven effective in the care of all the symptoms associated with rough, dry and itchy skin. Ezerra baby skin care products are very safe and can be applied without any worries or hesitation.

100% Natural Key Ingredients

The unique Ezerra formulation is baby-safe and gentle even on the most sensitive skin. Using only essential ingredients from nature, our products contain zero fragrance and additives that may further aggravate your child’s condition. Our hero formulation, Stimutex-AS, help relieve dryness and itchiness associated with dry and sensitive skin. This is followed by intensive moisturising effect in Ezerra baby products to ease skin irritation and ensure its continuous healthy condition. 

Well-tested and Endorsed by Medical Experts

Reputable Doctors and Pharmacists in 15 countries for the last 8 years have trusted and recommended Ezerra when it comes to its Baby Skin Care Line. It is our pride to gain this reputation by being focused on offering solutions for mothers faced with the frustration of dealing with dry and sensitive skin suffered by their infants and young children. If you want to know how to successfully care for dry and sensitive skin, Ezerra is your best choice. 

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