Ask any parent with a child out there about their sleeping schedule, and you will probably be met with a tired laugh and a shake of the head. Yes, it is a known fact that parents rarely get enough sleep, especially so with infants and small children around. Now, imagine being a parent to a child who constantly suffers from dry and irritated skin.

It may seem like all hope is lost – but in actual fact, this situation is completely manageable with some proper planning put into place. For starters, our tried-and-tested strategy of 3 Simple Steps are proven to be effective in providing quick and soothing relief for times of need. Itch itch go away, come again another day!



Itch and redness may strike at any time of the day, but night time is the most troublesome period to manage. Especially so for Malaysia’s tropical weather, we recommend bathing your child close to bedtime to keep the skin cool and comfortable.

A good option for a cleanser is Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser. Designed for extra sensitive, dry and irritated skin, this cleanser is formulated with a unique 3-times-gentler cleansing formula, making it as safe as water! Apply a small amount directly on the skin and gently smooth it all over. Then, proceed to rinse off with clean water.

Bonus tip: Our extra gentle cleanser can also be used on the hair as a shampoo!



Pat your child dry and put on an extra layer of protection with Ezerra Cream. A spot treatment with a creamy and lightweight texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, apply the product generously on the affected areas. On the other hand, Ezerra Ointment is a more ideal option if your child is suffering from extremely dry skin condition. It is formulated with a thicker and heavier texture to coat the skin with lasting hydrating effect through the night.

What if your child is prone to scratching fits with constant active sweating? You may want to try Ezerra Plus Cream! Specially formulated with additional protection against bacteria, germs and other external factors triggered by excessive scratching, this function allows the skin to maintain its healthy condition while providing relief against itch and dryness.



Some may think that a good cleanser and cream would be enough to relieve the itchiness. However, most are not aware that one of the key factors to trigger the itch is actually a lack of moisture in the skin!

Lock in the moisture by lathering Ezerra Lotion all over on your child’s body. The soothing formulation delivers effective long-lasting hydration to maintain the skin from recurrence of itchiness. Suitable to be applied even on normal skin areas!



When your child is attacked by a sudden bout of itch during bedtime, it would be quite difficult to soothe her back to sleep. In this case, it might be best to restart the bedtime routine rather than spending time trying to coax her. If heat is the main factor, try changing her into a fresh pair of clothes and giving her a quick wipe down to cool the skin. Apply Ezerra Cream onto the affected spots and finish it by spreading Ezerra Lotion all over the body. Chances are, your little girl will be able to snooze through until morning time.