Can My Child Swim Even with Dry & Irritated Skin?


When it comes to dry and irritated skin, swimming seems to be the last viable activity for anyone who suffers from this condition. But wait! It’s actually not entirely impossible—after all, your child deserves pool time just like any other regular kid. Read on to discover how you can make swimming an enjoyable activity, even with dry and irritated skin!

  • Observe the skin for any redness and itch

Before dipping into the pool, check your child’s skin for any signs of potential flare-ups. Does it look red and irritated? Is your child feeling any sort of itch around any particular area? The last thing you’d want is to further irritate your child’s skin, so be extra wary and never skip the inspection test!

  • Moisturise the skin before swim

Dry and irritated skin has a higher risk of reacting differently to pool water compared to normal skin. That’s where Ezerra Lotion comes in handy—it helps to create a moisturising barrier that protects the skin from external irritants in the water. Simply apply the lotion generously all over the body an hour before the swim to ensure the skin is thoroughly moisturised.

  • Check the chlorine levels in pools

A common disinfectant in pools, it is interesting how chlorine can have a different effect on dry and irritated skin. Some may experience a slight discomfort, while others have reported a soothing sensation swimming in a chlorinated pool. As a rule of thumb, always spend a short while in the water first to test for potential reactions if you’re visiting a new pool. If you start to notice your child fidgeting from the itch and red patches forming, that’s a clear sign to immediately pull your child out from the pool.

  • Slather on a child-friendly sunscreen

If you’re heading to an outdoor pool, remember to slather on some sunscreen on your child. What you want is ideally a waterproof sunscreen that is suitable to be used on a child, with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays. It’s recommended to apply sunscreen 30 minutes after applying Ezerra Lotion—this is to ensure the sunscreen doesn’t get diluted of its reflective properties.

  • Don’t forget aftercare for your child’s skin

Precautionary measures don’t end once your child is safely swimming in the pool! A lengthy period of time spent in the water can be extremely drying to the skin, so be sure to follow-up with an aftercare routine to ensure the skin is back to its regular condition.

Immediately after the swim, rinse off the skin thoroughly in lukewarm water and shower with a gentle cleanser such as Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser. With a unique formulation that is 3-times-gentler compared to regular cleansers, this cleanser is also enriched with natural itch-relieving ingredients to soothe any irritation away.

Of course, no routine is ever complete without a final step of moisturising—especially with Ezerra Lotion. Formulated with an ultralight texture that is non-greasy, the lotion works to relieve dryness and seal in moisture for healthy, hydrated skin. If you notice redness starting to form on the skin, use Ezerra Cream as an immediate spot treatment to fight off the first sign of irritation.

At the end of the day, there is no need to be afraid of bringing your child to the pool. Just remember these simple precautionary steps and you’re bound to have a splashing good time with your little one!

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