Watch Out for These 5 Common Signs of An Overheating Baby


Watch Out for These 5 Common Signs of An Overheating Baby

Think sunny weather, and images of happy children frolicking in the outdoors will immediately come to mind. But it’s not always this cheerful when the sun comes out – amidst the happy rays, there are always the hidden dangers of overheating.

Especially so for newborns, parents should be mindful that babies have not developed the ability to regulate their body temperature until they are about 3 months old. So, how exactly would one know if their baby is feeling the heat? Read on to find out the 5 telltale warning signs that are common indications of overheating, and what to do when the heat strikes!

  • Having abnormally red skin and cheeks

Some children may appear slightly red when they are feeling hot, especially during physical activity or hot weather – and it is a completely normal reaction. However, the alarm bells should automatically go off if you notice your child having abnormally red skin combined with other symptoms of overheating.

At this point, you may want to try removing a layer of clothing, and bring your child indoors to a well-ventilated area to cool down.

  • Unusual tiredness & lethargy

If your baby looks lethargic, disoriented and does not respond to your touch and cues as usual, he may be at risk of overheating. First thing you should do is to check his temperature by touching the skin. If it feels lukewarm or hot to the touch, that is a sign your baby needs to cool down immediately.

One simple remedy is to give him a quick wipedown with a wet washcloth. This method works wonders by targeting the entire skin surface and manually reducing the temperature using only water. If there are still no changes to the skin’s temperature, do consult the doctor for professional opinion.

  • Excessive sweating

The body’s natural reaction to release heat and cool the skin, excessive sweating on the other hand may be an indication that heat is still trapped. If your baby is sweating at an abnormal rate, it’s time to whip up a quick remedy with Ezerra Liquid Talc.

Perfect to be carried around, the liquid talc turns into powder upon application, leaving a silky, cooling sensation on the skin. The 100% talcum-free formulation also contains Tapioca Starch that helps to soak up excess sweat and moisture on the skin, working as effective as regular baby powders – minus the dangers of talc inhalation!

  • Signs of thirst OR poor feeding for newborns

Applicable for older babies and toddlers who are able to drink water, a thirsty child is a sign of dehydration due to the loss of moisture in the body. When this happens, a glass of water should be able to help them cool off the heat.

For newborns however, the signs are different. A loss of appetite may occur, especially if the baby is feeling flushed and uncomfortable. Parents may want to take extra steps to bring down the heat by turning up the air-conditioning for extra ventilation, or even giving him a lukewarm bath. Either way, it is important to note that babies below 6 months old do not need any water even under hot weather conditions, given that breast milk alone consists of more than 80% water.

  • Increased irritability

If your baby starts acting fussy, irritable and cranky, it’s about time to turn down the heat. Whenever you’re planning to head out, it’s always advisable to bring along a handy portable fan around. There’s nothing like a refreshing breeze of cool air to relax your baby and help release some of the heat trapped under the skin!

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