There’s always more to learn about your child’s atopic dermatitis as there is no single modded answer to understanding this skin condition. Here are some common FAQs parents usually ask regarding their child’s eczema.  How do I manage my child’s atopic eczema? Hit hard and aggressively for a cure?  To manage children with atopic dermatitis, first of all we have…


Now that you’ve grasped the knowledge of what eczema actually is, and the signs and symptoms of eczema, how do you actually manage these symptoms and can your child actually grow out of it? Read on to learn the things you need to know about managing your child’s eczema.  What are the underlying causes of atopic dermatitis? This is one…


Parents, we understand that you are probably suffering as much as your child does from eczema. The frustration, confusion and misery could sometimes get unbearable. Here’s the things you need to know about your child’s eczema. What is eczema or dermatitis? Many parents are pointing fingers at cow’s milk, goat’s milk, soy-based milk, eggs, seafood, etc when it comes to…


Food allergy vs child’s eczema         Food allergy is not equivalent to child’s eczema. Food allergy is an immune response that is triggered as you expose your child to certain food, which causes them to have acute or fast onset of developing hives, swelling and itchy rashes. Moreover, the site of the rashes is random, unpredictable, and…

How Does Eczema Affect My Child's Growth & Emotion? Dr Vivian Thong (Consultant Paediatrician) is here to share Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic inflammation of the skin which is typically present with recurrent redness, itch and dryness and usually takes place during early childhood. We frequently see infants who were brought into the doctor’s office diagnosed…


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