Sweaty & Irritated Baby Skin

Appearing as stinging red blotchy spots, irritated sweaty skin is often caused by overheating of the skin. Often prone to areas such as the armpit, neck, diaper area and skin folds where sweat gets trapped easily, hot and humid weather may worsen the condition further.

Our daily skincare range is uniquely designed for the care of irritated and sweaty skin, offering a simple solution without the risk of inhalation or any harmful ingredients with a simple 2-step regime.

  • Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser

Uniquely formulated to cleanse and moisturise the skin simultaneously to calm any itch and irritation, our extra gentle cleanser works to cleanse your baby’s skin without drying it out. 3-Times-Gentler and as safe as water.

Ezerra extra gentle cleanser
  • Ezerra Liquid Talc

A safe and healthy alternative to traditional talcum products, this revolutionary liquid talc eliminates the risk of inhalation caused by floating particles of mineral talc in ordinary talc-based powders. Formulated 100% talc-free, the unique formulation appears as a lightweight lotion that dries up in powder form upon application.


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