Dry & Irritated Baby Skin

Most commonly associated with itchy and irritated skin with red blotches, this condition often occurs in the first six months to five years for a child.

Ezerra’s is specifically designed for the alleviation of dry and irritated skin. A unique 3-step regime comprising of Cleanse-Relieve-Maintain, our products are formulated to effectively relieve itchiness and discomfort while providing intense moisturising effect for smooth, healthy skin.

  • Step 1


Cleanse your child’s skin from redness and irritation with an extra gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip away the skin’s natural moisture levels. Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser is uniquely formulated 3x gentler to cleanse and moisturise the skin simultaneously to calm any itch and irritation.

Ezerra extra gentle cleanser
  • Step 2


Relieve your baby’s skin from itching and scratching with our range of cream products. Designed to reduce itch, calm skin and provide deep hydration with intensive moisturising effect, our products act as an essential spot treatment to keep the skin feeling soothed and comfortable.

  • Step 3


When there is insufficient moisture to the skin cells, irritation is prone to occur. Ezerra Lotion is specially formulated to maintain intensive hydration to the skin by sealing in essential moisture for all-day comfort.


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