Back to School: 5 Essentials for Your Child’s Dry & Irritated Skin

Back to school tips for dry irritated skin children

Parents, rejoice! With the recent Government announcement, preschools and kindergartens are now allowed to open under the strict compliance of standard operating procedures. But no matter how ready you are to embrace the new normal, it is especially difficult for parents with children suffering from dry and irritated skin condition. 

That’s where this back to school care pack comes in handy! We’ve listed down 5 essential items to include into your child’s backpack when your little one returns to preschool or kindergarten. The complete protection squad for your child against COVID-19 and dry and irritated skin, let’s take a closer look at these items below.

1. Wipe away dirt and bacteria with wet wipes

A pack of wet wipes can go a long way in a child’s daily routine. Perfect for quick clean-ups, wet wipes are incredibly useful to wipe dirt and sweat away from the skin and prevent unwanted irritation. 

Choose wet wipes with cleaning and disinfectant features to remove any physical irritants as well as bacteria and microbes on the skin. As an added bonus, we highly recommend looking out for cleaning wipes that are hypoallergenic with a gentle formula that will suit your child’s delicate skin. 

2. Give your child a clean start with an extra gentle cleanser

With the habit of washing hands quickly becoming part of the routine these days, ensure that your child’s skin remains hydrated and protected with an extra gentle cleanser product. Most importantly, it should not contain irritating cleansing agents such as SLS and SLES that may trigger sensitive skin and cause a flare-up.

Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser is an ideal example of a mild cleanser that gently cleans and moisturises the skin while relieving itch. Formulated 3x gentler with key natural ingredients, it does not contain any steroids and is as safe as water when it comes to cleansing away dirt and impurities. Simply pour some into a portable travel-sized bottle and your child is ready to go!

3. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise with a moisturising cream

A good moisturiser is a non-negotiable item for children with dry and irritated skin. Depending on your child’s age, they may apply it themselves or request for the teacher to assist them. As a parent, you can also include application of moisturiser as part of your child’s routine in the morning before dropping them off at the kindergarten.

A specially formulated cream for itchy scratched skin, Ezerra Plus Cream protects the skin from bacteria, microbes and other external irritants to keep your child’s skin healthy. Perfect as a spot treatment for dry and irritated skin, your child can apply 2-3 times a day on affected areas where the skin is itchy and scratched for comforting relief.

4. A hand sanitiser will come in handy

Although washing hands with water and soap is still the best way to eliminate dirt and bacteria from the skin, a bottle of hand sanitiser is always handy to have around when a water source is not easily available. To effectively kill off viruses, ensure that your child’s hand sanitiser contains at least 60% alcohol for optimal benefit and always teach them to moisturise adequately after each application for added protection.

However, it is recommended to use it sparingly, especially so if your child is experiencing a flare-up with broken skin — the alcohol ingredient in hand sanitisers can cause further irritation and intense dehydration to the skin, and may even further aggravate the condition with prolonged use. 

5. Soak up sweat with a cotton handkerchief

The first rule of proper skin care routine — avoid sweat! Whether it’s triggered from hot weather or play sessions, sweat can easily irritate the skin and cause further dryness through the loss of moisture. At the first signs of sweat, teach your child to lightly dab and wipe away sweat from the skin with a cotton handkerchief to prevent itch and irritation.

Pro tip: Especially during a time when washing hands occur frequently, the handkerchief can also be used to dry their hands afterwards.

With these items in mind, parents can have a peace of mind in keeping their little ones safe from the risks of virus infection and skin triggers in public spaces. Remember — play safe, stay safe! Parents, if you are looking for Ezerra products, check them out at leading chain & independent pharmacies near you.

P/S: Watch our video commercial featuring our range of Ezerra product that give your child the best care and protection, while restore their smooth & healthy skin.

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