How Ezerra Plus Combats Unbearable Itch & The Urge To Scratch


When dry and sensitive skin becomes red and the itch gets unbearable, it is virtually impossible to get your child to stop scratching. Moreover, heavy scratching can lead to the risk of bacteria getting under the skin. A distressing situation that is well worth preventing if possible, and easing if already present.

Ezerra Plus Contains the Key Ingredient Stimutex-AS

Ezerra Plus Cream is specially designed for use on extremely itchy, scratched skin which is therefore open to the risk of bacteria getting under the skin. One of the cream’s key ingredients is Stimutex- AS, an itch-relieving complex that provides relief from itchiness and calms the skin down.

What is Stimutex-AS?

Stimutex-AS is a waxy lipid complex of extracted components from spent barley grain, shea butter, and argan oil. Natural tocopherol is also added in order to utilise its antioxidant property. It has been clinically proven that Stimutex-AS has itch-relieving properties that effectively relieve irritated sensitive skin.

How Stimutex-AS Works to Ease & Relieve the Itch

When applied to the skin, Stimutex-AS blocks the histamine released in reaction to allergens and other irritants before it can further irritate the skin. Additionally, irritated skin is visibly calmed and revitalised. The histamine-blocking properties defend the skin from allergic reactions, leaving behind skin that looks healthy and feels soothed. As with all Ezerra’s key ingredients, Stimutex-AS is naturally-derived and safe for children of all ages, allowing even children with sensitive skin to maximise the benefits from this ingredient.

Why It is Important to Stop Itching in Its Track

Controlling your child’s itch plays a big part in preventing further aggravation and scratching which may lead to bacteria getting under the skin. Minutes after Ezerra Plus Cream is applied, histamine-related symptoms such as itching and irritation are relieved. Continuous application of the cream relieves irritated sensitive skin brought about by excessive scratching. Your child’s skin will start to feel soothed and comfortable.

Relieve Itchy Skin & Reduce Scratching with Ezerra Plus Cream

Despite the recent rise in dry and sensitive skin cases in children, many parents are still wary about the safety of products promising relief from dry and sensitive skin. Ezerra Plus Cream is not only effective at providing relief from such skin irritations, it is also extremely safe and gentle on children’s skin. It does not contain steroids, making it safe for extended use.

What’s more, Ezerra Plus Cream’s key ingredients – Stimutex-AS, Tripeptide, SK-Influx, and Saccharide Isomerate – are all made from natural components. Regular application of this cream will give a threefold benefit on children’s skin: ease and relieve the itch to prevent scratching, provide intense moisturisation, keeps skin healthy and protected against microbes – all resulting in keeping the skin calm and comfortable.

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