The Power of Touch for Babies


The power of touch is unparalleled. Human touch is an extremely powerful way of interacting with others, displaying affection, and developing relationships, especially for babies. Feeling the power of touch begins in utero, long before a baby is even born. Later on, your baby uses their sense of touch to learn about the textures of the world around them. Parents, here’s why we cannot take for granted the importance of touch and skin-to-skin contact we have with our children..


Babies Thrive with Touch

Did you know that skin is the first and largest of all our sensory organs to develop in the foetus? Regular skin-to-skin contact between a parent and a child may lead to improved child’s physiological, cognitive, emotional and social development. Loving touch is also the key to healthy brain development. Experts claimed that babies who are deprived of touch may experience a failure to thrive and develop weakened immune systems. Besides, through touch, your child receives a signal telling them that they’re safe and protected and this provides a stable foundation for future relationships. 


Human Contact

In the long run, human contact through physical touch is very crucial for a baby especially to their brain growth and the cultivation of coping skills. As a parent, you may be wondering what is the best way to stimulate your child’s development through touch. Guess what, there’s no exact formula to it. Something as simple as cuddling your child when they’re upset, or even rocking them to sleep is very contributing towards their development besides helping you bond with your child. 

If you’re new to this, one of the best things you can do is give a routine massage for your precious one. Gentle massage before bedtime, during and after shower with a hydrating cleanser and moisturiser like Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser, Ezerra Cream and Ezerra Lotion may lead to improved cognitive performance and increased alertness and attentiveness in children. It may also improve your child’s skin condition by providing relief against skin irritation and dryness so your child can stay comfortable all day long. However, for children with itchy scratched skin, Ezerra Plus Cream is a better option as it may help shield child’s skin from microbes and bacteria while relieving itchiness. 



Babies often become attached to their comforter, finding comfort in its touch and feel. Whenever their mother’s touch is unavailable to them, their favourite comforter may help keep them calm, promote better sleep and build emotional resilience. Naturally, a baby’s skin is 30% thinner compared to an adult’s skin, which makes their skin more vulnerable and sensitive to the environment and more prone to irritation. Therefore, for children with dry and sensitive skin, parents should provide comforters that are made from natural fibers or cotton as they are more breathable and non-irritating. Avoid wool or synthetic fabrics at all cost as they may further irritate your child’s skin and set off an itch outbreak.



Playtime is a major part of your child’s development. Letting your child explore different textures through touch during their sensory play is one of the affordable ways to enhance their cognitive and socio motor development. Parents should invest in a variety of toys that have smooth, soft, rough and hard components in them. Baby’s brain is like a sponge in the early stages of their development, therefore, make sure your baby touches as many different textures as possible.

Let’s pay attention to our child’s responses against touch so we can get to know the type of touch they like. If we engage in appropriate touch, our children may have improved chances to excel socially, emotionally, and intellectually as they grow up.

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