Three Simple Steps to Relieve Dry and Itchy skin


If your child is 6 months to 5 years old, they may be at high risk of experiencing red, dry and itchy skin. However, not all parents are knowledgeable on how best to combat it. In truth, the solution may be easier than you think!

With just three simple steps, you can restore healthy skin and smiles to your child’s face! Read on to learn how:

Step One: Cleanse

Most dry and itchy skin conditions are caused by prolonged exposure to dirt and grime. That’s why the first step to restoring healthy skin should be to clean thoroughly! Choosing the right cleanser is equally important, as chemical irritants can cause your child’s skin condition to worsen.

Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser keeps all of this in mind with its 3-times-gentler cleansing formula. This means that the cleanser is as safe as water, making it safe to use even for babies 2 weeks old!

Step Two: Relieve

Your child’s skin condition can continue to worsen if they keep scratching it. By applying creams and ointments directly to the affected area, you can immediately relieve the itch and provide deep hydration at the same time!

However, not all children’s skin conditions are the same. Pick the right product to use for the right occasion; some children may even need multiple types of products for day and night! For example, Ezerra Cream is suited for day time usage, whereas Ezerra Ointment is suited for night time usage.

Step Three: Maintain

Immediately after a good bath, a great lotion becomes your child’s best friend. It helps retain moisture all over your child’s skin – and it isn’t limited to just the affected areas! You can apply lotion to the skin multiple times throughout the day until your child’s skin is back to its healthy condition.

Ezerra Lotion is specially formulated for dry and itchy skin, making it the perfect after-bath companion. Instead of applying Ezerra Cream or Ointment all over the skin, you can simply apply it on the affected areas and apply Ezerra Lotion onto the rest of the body. Now, isn’t that simple?

Those are your three simple steps to healthy skin! Now if your child develops red, dry and itchy skin, you’ll know what to do. Equip yourself with more knowledge by learning more about Ezerra products here.

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