Ezerra League 101: Which Ezerra Product Is Right For My Baby?

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Parents, here’s a heads up; if your baby suddenly starts being super fussy, irritable and constantly scratching through their skin, it’s possible that they have dry, irritated and itchy skin. This moment might also be the toughest period of your life as a parent. Fret not, a good skincare regime can help manage your child’s skin condition. Besides avoiding the triggers, choosing the right skincare products for your child is also the utmost importance. Follow these simple steps to establish a daily skincare routine with Ezerra for your child.

Step 1: Cleansing the skin

Still looking for the best cleanser to help soothe your child’s dry and itchy skin? Look no further, try Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser that has a 3-times-gentler formula compared to other cleansers in the market. With a cleanser that is as safe as water like this, cleansing your child’s skin will not be drying or further irritating. Choosing the right cleanser for your child is really important in keeping their skin clean and cleansed to allow for optimal healing. When it comes to bathing your child, opt for lukewarm water and avoid hot water at all cost as it dries up the skin even more. Another great way to keep your precious one comfortable is to let them soak in the water during bath or better yet, let them play in the tub. Just remember to limit their daily baths for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Step 2: Relieving Itch, Redness & Inflammation

Keep in mind that bathing your child alone will not help their skin heal. To prevent your child’s skin from drying out after bathtime, it is important to gently pat your child’s skin with a towel and apply moisturiser when their skin is still damp. This is when absorption is at its best. Moisturising your child’s skin at least twice a day will be a big game-changing experience. If you still can’t make up your mind and are wondering which Ezerra moisturiser is right for your baby, read on to find out.

  • Ezerra Cream (Post-shower use for infants of the age 0-2 years old)

If your child is a baby or an infant below 2 years of age who has dry, and easily irritated skin, you should make the switch to Ezerra Cream. Formulated with naturally-derived components namely Stimutex-AS and Saccharide Isomerate, this cream’s texture makes it perfect for both daytime and nighttime usage. It also provides intense moisturisation to help relieve the itchiness and maintain healthy skin and is recommended to be applied after shower to seal in the moisture.

Since Malaysia is a country with a tropical climate, we get it. Some parents try to keep their child away from hot surroundings, so their precious one would be spending most of their time in air-conditioned rooms. However, sometimes it can get too humid and your child’s skin is prone to drying. Therefore, applying Ezerra Ointment before bedtime would be the best thing to do to combat itchiness and irritation of the skin while prepping the skin for regeneration during sleep. This ointment’s formulation and texture are perfect for nighttime usage and soothing inflamed and peeling skin.

Ezerra Plus Cream has a special cream formulation that is perfect for itchy scratched skin. Besides relieving the skin from itchiness and irritation, it also protects the skin from microbes, germs, bacteria and other external irritants, making it perfect for young children with an active lifestyle. Another great thing about this cream is that it also helps to replenish moisture into the skin so your child can stay hydrated and protected while playing outdoors. 

Step 3: Maintaining full body moisturisation

For larger areas moisturisation, we recommend Ezerra Lotion that is made with such formulation that has more water content compared to Ezerra moisturising creams. Perfect for maintaining whole body moisturisation, frequent application of this lotion is also a great way to add the effectiveness of locking in the moisture on your child’s sensitive skin. Besides, it also doubles up as an extra protective barrier that keeps your child’s skin healthy and feeling comfortable. 

It can get really worrisome when your precious one’s skin gets itchy and irritated, but we’ve got you covered. Ezerra products are specifically formulated to help parents manage their child’s skin condition. Following the simple steps above may help you keep your baby healthy, happy and comfortable. Ezerra are available at leading chain & independent pharmacies near you.


P/S: Watch our video commercial featuring our range of Ezerra product that give your child the best care and protection, while restore their smooth & healthy skin.

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