Best Solutions for My Child’s Sensitive Skin


Home is a safe haven for children to play with their cherished toys and frolic with their wonderful pets. However, most children don’t know that their home is filled with skin irritants that can cause itchiness to their delicate skin.

Toddlers have thinner skin when compared to adults, which also means that they are more susceptible to harmful skin irritants, as their immune system is not fully developed yet.

How do I best care for my child’s sensitive skin? We present some of the best solutions below to symptoms of itchiness, redness and rashes for children with sensitive skin.

Skin feels dry and rough when you touch it

Solutions: Moisturize the rough dry area at least twice a day with fragrance-free and additive-free lotions, especially after bathing. By doing this on a daily basis, you help maintain smooth and delicate skin for your child.

Skin appears red with tiny red bumps, especially on child’s face, elbow, chest, arms of behind the knees

Solutions: It is recommended child takes daily baths in cool or lukewarm water. Remove irritants and known allergens from the child’s surroundings as much as possible. By utilizing these methods, the red bumps will greatly reduce and the child will start to feel more comfortable.

Child repeatedly rubs and/or scratches their skin

Solutions: Keep baby’s fingernails short to prevent scratching which can irritate skin further. Apply cream or ointment to relieve itchiness and provide deep hydration. These methods will effectively diminish the need for the child to scratch their skin.

Child is sweating excessively and their skin appears red and irritated.

Solutions: Ensure that the child is always in a cool and ventilated environment to avoid excessive sweating. Dress the children in breathable clothing so that sweat is not trapped between the layers. This will ensure the child’s comfort and ease any skin irritation.
Knowing the right solutions to these issues will ensure that your child’s sensitive skin is taken care of thoroughly. You can often always prevent these symptoms by simply following the useful tips provided above.

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