5 Ways To Prevent Further Itching When Your Child Has Dry & Irritated Skin


Scratching: Getting To That Sweet Spot

Scratching an itch, be it from a mosquito bite or a ticklish, tingling area that just won’t stop seems like an utter relief at that time, but in the long run, scratching causes further itching due to how the brain behaves. Bottom line: the more you scratch, the more you itch. If your child has dry and irritated skin, scratching can just make it worse. 

Here’s how you can prevent further itching with these five tips for a child with sensitive skin.


5 Tips To Prevent Further Itching


1.  Wear light and comfortable gloves

If bedtime itches are something that bothers your child, have them wear light and comfortable gloves which will keep them from hurting themselves when the need to scratch arises. 

2. Keep fingernails short

Your child is more likely to scratch more vigorously and hurt themselves if their fingernails are long. Microbes are also more likely to enter underneath your child’s skin, which would irritate the skin further. By regularly trimming your child’s nails, you can keep the urge to scratch the itch to a bare minimum, if not eliminating it completely. 

3. Keep cool during warm weather

Malaysia is a very hot and humid country, which results in a warm and wet environment. Young children are especially prone to having their dry and irritated skin worsen during this type of weather condition, which in turn will result in further itching that they will be tempted to scratch.

Keep your child cool whenever possible and especially during these prolonged periods of heat and humidity. By doing so, the cool environment will help to prevent any further itching and reduce discomfort in the itching that is already present.

4. Use non-soap cleansers during baths

Though soap cleansers are commonplace among child-friendly bath products, using non-soap cleansers is actually safer and less irritating for your child. During a bath, use Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser, which is formulated to be three times gentler to cleanse and moisturise the skin, and at the same time, calming both instances of itch and irritation for a relieved, happier child.

5. Always use moisturising creams after a bath

Right after your child’s bath, give them a light towel pat to dry them instead of rubbing their skin, which can irritate it further. Then, gently place Ezerra Cream on the affected areas as it will relieve your child’s dry and irritated skin as well as for daily maintenance to prevent further itching.

For night time baths before bed, having Ezerra Ointment on hand will soothe your child’s skin for a peaceful sleep as its thicker texture will ensure longer coverage periods. Ezerra Plus Cream protects your child’s skin from microbes and other irritants, which can make the dry and irritated skin condition worse. It also relieves and moisturises the skin. 



With the steps listed above, we hope that you will find them useful in dealing with your child’s dry and irritated skin and prevent further itching. Maintaining intensive hydration is important not only for baby soft skin, but also helping your child to stay relieved during play time and Ezerra Lotion can help you do just that.


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