Does Your Baby Have Dry & Irritated Skin? You’re holding your bundle of joy proudly, gently caressing his soft skin, until you notice a small patch of dry flaky skin nestled between his arm folds. After some careful examination, you decided to brush it off as a temporary sign of dry skin common among newborns. Fast forward to a month…
Finding the perfect bathing cleanser for your baby isn’t as easy as it sounds. In today’s retail market with endless product choices, how can you as a parent make an informed decision for your baby’s wellbeing, especially when your baby is suffering from dry and irritated skin? You wouldn’t want to randomly select a product, only to find out that…
  Mother’s Day is just around the corner—do you have anything planned up your sleeves? From quaint little picnic sessions to craft time with the little ones, be sure to make this year’s celebration a memorable one for the whole family! 1.  Go on a holiday picnic ‘overseas’ Who says you need to spend extravagant amounts for a trip overseas?…
When it comes to dry and irritated skin, swimming seems to be the last viable activity for anyone who suffers from this condition. But wait! It’s actually not entirely impossible—after all, your child deserves pool time just like any other regular kid. Read on to discover how you can make swimming an enjoyable activity, even with dry and irritated skin!…
Watch Out for These 5 Common Signs of An Overheating Baby Think sunny weather, and images of happy children frolicking in the outdoors will immediately come to mind. But it’s not always this cheerful when the sun comes out - amidst the happy rays, there are always the hidden dangers of overheating. Especially so for newborns, parents should be mindful…


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