5 Useful Tips to Avoid Dry & Irritated Skin During CNY Visitations



Chinese New Year is almost here, and that means most parents are in the heat of preparation! From organising balik kampung trips to getting the kids prepared for house visitations, it’s easy to lose focus, especially when your child suffers a dry and irritated skin condition. Read on to discover essential tips this festive season to avoid potential triggers and how to manage them when the itch strikes!

  1. Dress your child in light, loose-fitting cotton clothing

It’s Chinese New Year, and of course as parents, you’d want your child to look his best. Cue the elaborate festive outfits, with matching ensembles and adorable outfits. Stop! Thick and heavy layers of clothing will simply add on to your child’s discomfort, and produce further irritation on his already sensitive skin.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to avoid clothing made from wool and other scratchy materials that can easily cause abrasion. Instead, always opt for pieces made from 100% cotton that are loose-fitting and feels soft to the touch. Ideal for our hot tropical weather, these natural fibers also feature excellent sweat-absorbing properties.

  1. Avoid excessive consumption of CNY cookies

From the ever-popular cornflake cookies to crispy honeycomb, the festive season is simply a perfect time for cookie feasting – especially so for the little ones! But do keep an eye out on what your child is munching on – it has been said that food containing dairy products may trigger a reaction for people with dry and irritated skin condition.

However at the end of the day, the key lies in moderation. A couple of pieces at a time wouldn’t hurt, but it’s a different story if your child decides to gobble down an entire cookie jar!

  1. Minimise time under direct sunlight

Sunlight alone may be beneficial for your child (given the exposure to Vitamin D), but it’s the presence of heat that may pose a harmful trigger. Given that most CNY house visitations are limited to indoors, it’s the commute that parents should pay extra attention to.

Especially when you are travelling during the hottest time of the day (afternoon to evening), stay alert for the sun’s position where your child is seated in the car. If the sun is beaming directly on him, you can place a sunshade over the window to prevent heat and sweat from accumulating on the skin.

  1. Have Ezerra Cream and Ezerra Lotion on the standby

As a parent, there is only so much you can do to avoid any discomfort for your child’s skin condition. There could be a plethora of external factors that will eventually set off the itch and cause further skin irritation.

But fret not – for moments like this, it’s always advisable to keep a tube of Ezerra Cream with you! When you notice the first signs of discomfort from your child, lightly dab and apply the cream on affected areas to soothe the skin from itch and dryness. For optimal protection, follow up with a generous lather of Ezerra Lotion all over the skin. The ultra-light formulation helps to seal in moisture to relieve from further dryness and irritation.

  1. Protect your child’s skin with a comforting bath back home

But wait, that’s not all! When you’re back home, it’s best to give your child a bath to cleanse the skin away from sweat and dirt accumulated from the outside.

Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser is the ideal product to do the job, given that it is specially formulated to be 3x gentler compared to other cleansers – perfect for your child’s dry and irritated skin condition. Not just that, it also features a multi-action feature that gently cleanses and moisturises the skin at the same time. Delightfully soothing for any child!

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