Bath Time Tips for Children with Dry and Sensitive Skin


Essential guidelines to ensure your little one has a great bath time

Most issues with children who have dry and sensitive skin is intensified by unintentional bathing habits that dry out the skin too much. Knowing what to do with the right products can greatly soothe the child’s irritated skin and maximize fun for them as well. Below are key steps you can implement to ensure your toddler has a safe and enjoyable bath time.

Bathing tips for your child

1. Don’t bathe your child too often as it can dry out their skin

2. Bathe them daily with lukewarm water to remove skin irritants

3. Avoid using harsh soap as it intensifies skin sensitivity for children

4. Use liquid soaps with gentle cleansing properties for children with sensitive skin

5. Rub your child’s skin gently instead of scrubbing hard

6. Prevent your child from soaking in hot baths for long periods

7. Simply soak or rinse child in a warm water bath if they are fairly clean at night

Choosing the right products for children with sensitive skin

  1. To avoid drying out your child’s skin, use gentle cleansers whenever possible
  2. Avoid using soaps as they generally contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) that irritates sensitive skin
  3. Avoid products with colouring agents, preservatives, and other chemicals
  4. Do not use alcohol-based products

Get your child comfortable in the bath

Some children may not find bath time very enjoyable due to their dry and sensitive skin, while other toddlers find the bathroom to be a scary place. Follow these steps so that your child is always comfortable and finds bath time to be more pleasant.

  1. Take a bath with your child to make them feel safe and secure
  2. Allow your child to choose their favourite toys to play with in the bath
  3. Allow your child to sit or play in the bath without water in it with your supervision
  4. Make sure your child leaves the bathroom before you take the plug out as some toddlers are afraid of getting sucked down the plug hole.

Making bath time exciting for your child has its own rewards and will make your bonds closer. Just keep implementing these tips and your child’s skin will be great in no time at all!

For a more pleasant bath time experience with your tiny toddler, we recommend Ezerra Gentle Cleanser to help soothe your baby’s dry and sensitive skin.

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