Five Bath Time Must-Haves For Your Baby & You


Bathing your child is one of the milestone challenges of being a parent. For first-time parents, this may be when you realize how different the needs of children and adults can be. The biggest one is your child’s skin, which is softer and more sensitive to temperature and chemicals. That’s why, choosing the right bath time tools are essential in creating a comfortable and fun bath time for your loved one!

Fret not as we’ve compiled a list of all the tools you’ll need to keep your child happy and occupied, as well as tips on how to choose the best child-friendly products for your child’s skin! Without further ado, let’s begin with…

Towels & Toys

Before you begin bathing your child, first complete all your preparations. Start with the essentials – a towel and a change of clothes to bundle your child warmly after the bath – then move onto the fun bits: toys! Not every child enjoys bathing, but maybe a toy or two might change their mind.

Add some more creativity by telling a story while they splash around in the tub. Ezerra’s Baby Bath Book makes the perfect bath time companion!


Remember: Your child’s skin is a lot softer and more sensitive than yours. That’s why you should always check the temperature of the bath before they take a dip. Generally, heating your bath to approximately 37 to 38 degrees Celsius, which is around the average human body temperature, is safe for children of all ages.

Gentle Cleanser

Once your child has begun soaking in the tub, it’s time to begin cleaning! A gentle cleanser will help wash off all the dirt and grime that’s accumulated on the surface of your child’s skin after a day’s worth of playing. Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser is an optimum pick because it is made from all-natural ingredients and 3 times more gentle than other cleansers in the market. That means it is safe to use daily – perfect for keeping your child squeaky clean!

Cream for After Bathing

This is a tip for those with children with sensitive skin: Follow up your gentle cleansing with a moisturizing cream. If your child tends to experience redness, dry and itchy skin, the combination of cleanser and cream will allow for maximum relief of itchiness and helps maintain their skin’s health over time. Ezerra Cream not only relieves, but also doubles as an intensive moisturizer! As for night time application, consider Ezerra Ointment for a thicker formulation.

And there you have it! Follow this list the next time you bathe your child and turn your troublesome bath time into a lovely bonding time. To test out Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser and Ezerra Cream for yourself, stay tuned to our Facebook page for Sample Kit giveaways – coming soon!

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