Does Your Baby Have Dry & Irritated Skin?


Does Your Baby Have Dry & Irritated Skin?

You’re holding your bundle of joy proudly, gently caressing his soft skin, until you notice a small patch of dry flaky skin nestled between his arm folds. After some careful examination, you decided to brush it off as a temporary sign of dry skin common among newborns. Fast forward to a month later, the small patch has manifested itself into itchy red spots on your poor baby’s skin!


You’ll be surprised to hear how common these stories are among parents, especially for newborns. Given that baby skin is significantly thinner compared to an adult’s, we highly recommend parents to exercise precautionary measures and look out for early symptoms that may eventually lead to the condition of dry and irritated skin. 


Do the one-scratch skin test

How will you know if your baby is prone to dry and irritated skin in the future? One effective method is to keep an eye out for common early symptoms, such as mild redness, dry patches and slight flaking of the skin. If you are still unsure whether your baby has dry and irritated skin, you may try out this simple test. Using your fingernail, scratch across your baby’s skin very gently and watch out for any reaction. If a white line or a faint reddish line appears, it is a sign that your baby may be exhibiting early symptoms of dry skin. 


Cleanse, Relieve & Maintain your baby’s dry and irritated skin

Found out that your baby is prone to dry and irritated skin condition? Don’t worry, the world’s not coming to an end. It is estimated that about 15% to 30% of children in Malaysia are suffering from this skin condition as well. The most important question to ask now is, what can we as parents do for our children? 

Truth be told, a permanent cure for dry and irritated skin does not exist to this day. But that does not mean all hope is lost. Proper skin care and management for dry and irritated skin will be able to keep the skin condition at bay in the long run, effectively minimising the frequency of outbreaks. Ezerra’s 3-Step regime is a perfect example of an effective skincare system, comprising of Cleanse-Relieve-Maintain to relieve itchiness and discomfort while providing intense moisturising effect for smooth, healthy baby skin. 



Cleanse your baby’s skin away from dirt, redness and irritation with Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser! True to its name, this 3x gentler cleanser —  as it is formulated without SLS and SLES and it does not strip away the skin’s natural moisture levels — gently cleanses and nourishes it with additional moisturisation to maintain the skin’s health.



Soothing itchiness, redness and dry skin with a selection of Ezerra products, choose your desired product according to your baby’s current skin condition. Use Ezerra Cream on the affected areas where the skin is dry, itchy or red during the day, and Ezerra Ointment for lasting protection during baby’s snooze time at night. If your baby’s skin is scratched, Ezerra Plus Cream will be the most ideal product to provide additional protection from microbes and bacteria. 



Short-term relief is good in the moments of itchy outbreaks, but for lasting maintenance of healthy skin, Ezerra Lotion is an essential product in a baby’s daily skincare regime. Formulated to maintain intensive hydration by sealing in moisture for all-day comfort, use this lotion directly after bathing for lasting moisturising effect over large areas of the body.

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