Travelling With Kids? 5 Travel Tips for A Stress & Itch-free Holiday


The holiday season is upon us again, and that means vacation time! But for parents having children with dry and irritated skin, travelling is one of the more tedious parts of the holiday. From avoiding unexpected skin flare-ups to carefully planning the trip’s itinerary, we’re here to make parents’ lives easier. Continue reading below to find out what are the five easy travel tips for a stress and itch-free holiday with the family!



1.  Plan the trip’s itinerary (very) carefully


What are the additional precautionary steps that can be taken? The easiest part is to start with the trip’s agenda. While you’re planning your travel itinerary, take note to avoid heading outdoors or sightseeing during the hottest time of the day around 3pm. Instead, you may schedule a relaxing tea break or napping session for the whole family and stay completely indoors during that period of time.

Besides that, you may also want to look into minimising activities that are mid to high-level intensity, such as hiking. Hiking activities in general are not recommended as it requires a certain amount of energy exertion that results in excessive sweating. However, not all hope is lost! Certain exceptions can still be made to reduce the risk of flare-ups, such as if the terrain is relatively easy to hike and the hike takes place early in the morning when the temperatures are still cool.



2. Prepare a skincare travel kit 


Even if your child’s skin condition is under control, it’s always worth packing a few skincare products for those dreaded emergency moments. If you don’t know where to start, your child’s moisturiser and cream products are always handy to have. Besides that, additional items such as wet wipes are incredibly useful to wipe off any dirt and sweat away from the skin and prevent any unwanted irritation.

Additional tip: Never risk trying out hotel-provided toiletries on your child as the harsh chemicals may trigger a reaction, so you might want to include the usual body cleanser and shampoo along as well. When in doubt, always stick back to your child’s skincare routine. 



3. Method of travelling


How are you getting to your holiday destination? By car or by plane? Take extra precautionary measures if your family is travelling by the latter — long-haul flights in particular spell danger for dry and irritated skin condition, and especially so for a child. 

There are ways to counter this, and the secret is…adequate hydration. Yes, it’s that simple! All you have to do is to apply an extra layer of moisturiser on your child’s face and body before leaving for the airport. For an additional boost of hydration on-the-go, you can pack a mini spray bottle in your carry-on bag and spritz your child’s skin mid-flight before reapplying the moisturiser. 



4. Avoid food that may trigger flare-ups


As a parent, you know your child best — and that includes his or her dietary restrictions. For certain individuals, consuming common allergens such as dairy, gluten and soy may cause the skin to itch and increase the chances of a flare-up. 

If your child has experienced episodes of food allergies in the past, pack some allergy-friendly snacks along in case he gets hungry. Gas stations and convenience stores at your destination may not have allergy-friendly food, so it’s always safer to stock up beforehand. 



5. Packing smart with clothes


One of the easiest ways to ensure happy skin? Clothes! As a general rule of thumb, always pack breathable and loose-fitting clothing such as dresses, shirts and shorts that will allow your skin to stay cool in sunny climates. Cotton is your safest bet, as it is soft and generally non-irritating. 

For cooler climates, ensure that jackets are of comfortable material and avoid scratchy fabric such as wool that may further irritate the skin. Even if the temperatures are lower, you’d be surprised to find that the cool, dry air may aggravate your child’s dry and irritated skin condition even further. Be sure to maintain your child’s moisturising regime, no matter the weather!

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