Help! Why can’t my child stop itching?


Dry and sensitive skin is not an easy condition and most parents know it, especially when they see their child’s skin decorated with red patches because of excessive scratching due to the persistent itch that they feel. It is frustrating and annoying not only for the little child who just wants to roll around the grass for a little but also for the parents who constantly worry, possibly tearing their hair out to find a way to make the itching stop.

And telling your little boy or girl to “stop scratching” like it can magically command the itch to stop, is much easier said than done.

The reason why someone suffering from itches so much is because their body does not produce enough of the fat and oil that the skin needs for it to be sufficiently moisturised. Because of that, your child has weaker external defenses against bacteria. Also, the skin is more likely to crack and become irritated.

Every child who is diagnosed with dry and sensitive skin can have different skin symptoms or responses. Some suffer from redness, while others experience excessive skin itchiness and for others, skin sores that weep and bleed. It can also be a mixture of these conditions.

The absolute cure for dry and sensitive skin is still being researched, but while there’s still no ‘once and for all’ treatment, it can be successfully cared for. There are different types of regimes that you can try for your child to relieve them of the debilitating irritation and itchiness that they feel. Some of the long-lasting and safe methods that you can try for your child are the use of emollients, a regimen for showering and bathing, and even lifestyle or diet change. You just need to have to try what works for your child so that your little angel can enjoy each moment without being a flaky, scratchy mess.

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