4 Tips to Better Bond with Your Child


Dear parents out there, stop stressing yourself, we got this! During these worst days of the pandemic, some things are going to be harder than others. Keep calm and let’s not dwell too much on the things we could have gotten done or should have done differently. Look at the bright side, perhaps this is a great time to bond with our child — a great way to help us relieve stress and keep their mind busy as well. Read on to find out why and how to bond with your little one.

Bonding with your precious one

Bonding between you and your child is a vital part of their development. Not only is it crucial to make home feel like a safe haven for them to play, learn and explore, it also helps keep yourself happy. However, fostering a bond with your children does not have to compromise on your own mental health. It can be a lot of fun! Here’s how.

1. Show your little one love daily

This is not all about repeating the three magical words over and over again. It’s much more than that — we need to put our love into loving gestures and action every day for them to feel it. Try gently stroking your little one and cuddling them as much as you could whenever you change their nappy or during bath time. One thing to keep in mind is that they are constantly observing and learning from you and showing love helps nurture your child’s behaviour as they get upset, besides teaching them to manage their feelings. This helps build a foundation to allow your child better deal with negative emotions.

2. Benefit from the power of touch

Human touch is a very powerful thing. Touch is so powerful and magical that ever since your child was just born, they could already feel even the gentlest touch. Regularly touching and cuddling your child helps release the happy hormones and allow them to learn that relationships are nurturing and secure. One way to find out if your child is enjoying your touch is by observing how they respond to it. Besides, routine massage during and after bath time, and before bedtime with Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser and Ezerra Cream, squeezing their hands, giving goodnight kisses and stroking their hair can make them feel the safety and warmth of your touch. Your child is precious and squishy, you’ll enjoy it as much as they do!

3. Dedicate time for play

Less quantity, less quality. You cannot expect to get closer with your child if you spend most of your time focusing on your work while leaving them alone to their toys. Every now and then, you’ll often feel that you have too much pressure in your shoes. However, if you do want a better relationship with your child, by hook or by crook, you have to make it happen. Just be there for them during their playtime and engage with them while letting them explore all kinds of textures and shapes. It is one of their ways of learning and one of the easiest ways for you to bond with your child. 

4. Make time for conversation 

Sometimes, quality moments are in the littlest things. Good parent-child connections do not spring out of nowhere. Having conversations with your child, reading and telling stories to them may help keep the connection strong. Children are like plants programmed by nature to grow and blossom — it’s important that they learn the link between words and feelings since they were a newborn. It helps them build their language skills and self-esteem besides strengthening their ability to learn. Hence, there are just so many things you can talk about to your child; the food they had during breakfast, or about their favourite toys and movies.



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