A history of how people used to treat skin irritation. We’ve probably had a grandma or a grandpa back in the day that had homemade remedies to help with getting better skin. Chances are, they probably came with a real grandparent story too (not to mention the occasional stern warning). But thanks to modern technology, we have Ezerra and its…
PART 3 – MAKING LIFESTYLE ADJUSTMENTS Does your child often break out in itchy red patches that irritate the skin and cause some serious discomfort? Some people find that making small lifestyle adjustments can make a significant difference over time. There are many things that can cause it to occur. So keep an eye out for the things that seem…
PART 2 – ESTABLISHING ROUTINES If you need help coping with an itching, scratching child, there are a few key things you can do. One excellent strategy is to find a routine. Routines will take time but long-term they are very beneficial. Routines bring structure to a schedule and this is very important for children regardless of their age. If…
PART 1 – IMPLEMENTING DISTRACTION TECHNIQUES If you have a child who is always scratching and itching, it is important for you to develop some strategies to help your child cope. The first thing you want to do is plan for different distraction techniques and implement one of the ideas at the first signs of itching. Here’s how you can…
People dealing with dry and sensitive skin are very familiar with the use of emollients or moisturisers and are thankful that such products exist. It is not surprising that parents, in particular, consider them as “life savers” in their effort to improve their children’s dry and sensitive skin. Emollients, or moisturisers as they’re commonly known, work by acting as a…


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