If your child is 6 months to 5 years old, they may be at high risk of experiencing red, dry and itchy skin. However, not all parents are knowledgeable on how best to combat it. In truth, the solution may be easier than you think! With just three simple steps, you can restore healthy skin and smiles to your child’s…
Bathing your child is one of the milestone challenges of being a parent. For first-time parents, this may be when you realize how different the needs of children and adults can be. The biggest one is your child’s skin, which is softer and more sensitive to temperature and chemicals. That’s why, choosing the right bath time tools are essential in…
Essential guidelines to ensure your little one has a great bath time Most issues with children who have dry and sensitive skin is intensified by unintentional bathing habits that dry out the skin too much. Knowing what to do with the right products can greatly soothe the child’s irritated skin and maximize fun for them as well. Below are key…
Home is a safe haven for children to play with their cherished toys and frolic with their wonderful pets. However, most children don’t know that their home is filled with skin irritants that can cause itchiness to their delicate skin. Toddlers have thinner skin when compared to adults, which also means that they are more susceptible to harmful skin irritants,…
Especially when your child has dry & irritated skin and some hacks to make it easier. Skin disease amongst children are on the rise in developed countries. Rashes, relentless itching and chaffing of skin are initial symptoms which can ultimately develop into staphylococcal and fungal infections. One major trigger of this is hot weather. Heat causes water loss which dries…


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