5 Tips For A Smoother Playtime



Playtime: Kids Learn Too!

Numerous studies have proven that play is important for a child’s early growth and development and is not merely a passing pastime for leisure. Playtime strengthens bonds and helps them develop future skills. Your child’s dry and irritated skin should not prevent them from playing. 

Thus, here are five playtime tips for a child with sensitive skin. 

1. Sun and shade balance 

Sunlight has long been known to provide the body with a natural source of Vitamin D. Despite its health benefits, too much exposure to sunlight can result in higher levels of UV (ultraviolet) rays penetrating the skin. 

That being said, during haze season where the air is hazardous to breathe, it is recommended that your child remain indoors until the air quality improves. It is not just for their skin health, but also their overall physical wellbeing as well. 

It is recommended that your child’s playtime is stretched between these two periods: 8-11am and 3-6pm. Much as outdoor play is exciting, indoor play can be equally as exciting. There are plenty of activities you can do with your child then. 

The sun and shade balance is important not only for the above reasons but to also allow your child to acclimate to both play environments without compromising the play process itself. 

2.Wear light and comfortable clothing 

Regardless of whether your child plays indoors or outdoors, there’s bound to be some rough and tumble during playtime. Ensuring that your child wears clothing that is both light and comfortable is of utmost importance. 

Natural materials like cotton are the best option for such apparel. In the sunshine, clothing that has UV-blocking properties can help to reduce the risk of dry and irritated skin. 

3.Have wet wipes at the ready 

While wet wipes are probably already part of your cleanup arsenal, they can also be used to clean the dirt off any injuries your child might sustain during play. Dirt can exacerbate the pain your child experiences, as it will act as a physical irritant, or worse, result in bacteria going under your child’s skin. 

Preferably use wet wipes that have cleaning properties added in. You kill two birds with one stone – by removing physical irritants as well as parasitic microscopic creatures. 

Having wet wipes that you can pull out at a moment’s notice will save you and your child a lot of grief in the future. 

4.Bring along Ezerra Cream 

Ezerra is not only all-natural, but also non-steroidal. Use Ezerra Cream during the day to relieve your child’s dry and irritated skin and be rest assured that its ingredients will ensure intense and lasting moisturisation. 

If your child is already experiencing itchy scratched skin, Ezerra Plus Cream can relieve itchiness on top having antimicrobial properties to prevent further amounts of bacteria from going under your child’s skin. As with Ezerra Cream, this cream has moisturising properties that keeps the skin soft and supple. 

5.Wear hats and gloves for protection 

Playtime is very physically-oriented and as such, protecting your child from over-exposure to sunlight is key to preventing further worsening of dry and irritated skin. By using a wide-brimmed hat, your child can soak up the sun without fear and worry. 

Children also love to use their hands to poke and prod as they explore their play environment. Should your child have sensitive skin on their hands, providing them with a pair of fitting, comfortable gloves can prevent chafing from friction. 


All in all, every child should experience the joy of play regardless of their skin’s condition and unless an activity will put them in harm’s way, with adequate steps, they can enjoy it as they should, like a child. 

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