Keep Your Child Safe and Comfy at Home


Being a parent to a child with itchy and sensitive skin is not an easy task — especially now during a pandemic when everyone is staying in and your child may require constant affection from you. So parents, in these trying times, we all need to do everything we can to keep our little ones safe, happy and comfortable. Here’s some of the things you can do to make your home a safer and comfier place for your child.


Make food at home

Home cooking is the new normal. Especially during this pandemic, it is very crucial for your child to have a nutritious diet to boost their immune system. Like us, children must also consume the much needed nutrients from a healthy and well-balanced diet rich in proteins, fats, fibre, and complex carbohydrates. It is wiser to avoid ordering food from outside to limit the household’s outside food intake to the minimum. Shape your own home cooking routine and keep in mind that ensuring the ingredients you buy are clean and safe to be eaten is much more important now than ever. 

Bond with your child

Bonding with your child is a stress buster that is mutually beneficial. Believe it or not, stress is one of the triggers that may set off an itch outbreak on your child’s skin. Likewise, itchy skin may also stress out your precious one and it can be an endless cycle if it’s left untreated. The best way to relieve your child’s itchy skin is to regularly moisturise their skin with Ezerra Cream that is enriched with itch-relieving natural key ingredients. A gentle massage from the mother helps them feel calm and improves their physiological, cognitive, emotional and social development. Hence, create a massage routine for your precious little one; during the shower, after shower, before bedtime or whenever you find convenient. Even something as simple as skin-to-skin kangaroo care allows bonding besides being a sweet and practical activity since it helps regulate baby’s breathing and heart rate.

Allergy-proof your home

If you have a child with itchy and sensitive skin, there are a lot of everyday things that may trigger an itch outbreak. Fret not, there are also a lot of ways to keep everyday household items from setting off that itchy rash. Let’s start with the floors — a baby who crawls a lot would be spending most of their time on the floor. Therefore, the better alternative is to opt for cotton carpets or hardwood floors as they are less irritating than man-made fiber rugs. For clothing, the same advice applies for all fabrics. Stick with natural and breathable fibers; the most common one is cotton. One more thing to consider is to add a pair of cotton gloves if your baby scratches in their sleep. Another thing to keep in mind is that scented detergents and household cleaners may contain chemicals that will irritate your child’s skin. 

Keep home clean and cool

Love begins at home. Especially during this pandemic, we spend so much time with our child at home; it is important that it brings joy to our child as much as it does to us. Don’t forget the fact that most children with sensitive and itchy skin are allergic to dust mites. Hence, to keep them away, it’s a good routine to vacuum and dust around your house at least once a week. As much as the tiny particles in the air may irritate your child’s skin, excessive heat and intense perspiration may also trigger the itch outbreak. Since our country’s weather is hot and humid all year round, it is better to keep your child cool by maintaining the house temperature below 20°C during the day with the help of an air conditioner and remember to use breathable cotton bedding at all times. However, an important thing to note is that you have to regularly moisturise your child’s skin to prevent it from drying out. Ezerra Lotion is one good daily option for child’s whole body skin maintenance and care.

Parents, there are many things to be taken into consideration in the effort to create a safe and comfy home for our little ones. We hope these tips may help reduce and better control the frequency of the itch outbreaks your child is getting.


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