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How often do you feel helpless watching your children suffer in discomfort? Can you relate to those difficult times when they get clingy, aggressive, and fussy — along with the sleepless nights and constant scratching that bring heartache and frustration, taking a toll on the whole family? As a parent to a child with itchy and irritated skin, you will probably find yourself at your wits’ end now and then trying to keep their itchiness under control. Go easy on yourself, here are some guides that may help you in your journey to provide an allergy-free home and environment to your child;


If you’ve taken care of a child with itchy skin for quite a while, you would know that bathing your child with a gentle cleanser and applying moisturiser to lock water into the skin are really important. However, the skincare products you pick also play a part. The best for sensitive skin are those free of paraben, alcohol and SLS. Bear in mind these chemicals may damage the skin barrier, causing dryness and irritation. That is why Ezerra skincare products are formulated to be free of unnecessary chemicals and additives — a gentle solution to relieve a child’s itchy skin suitable for daily use.


You’ll be surprised at how much difference your fabric choice does to a child’s comfort. Avoiding triggers that will potentially irritate your child’s sensitive skin should be one of the priorities. When clothing a child with sensitive skin, look out for clothes that are loose, breathable and made of natural fabrics that are soft to the touch. Some examples of non-irritating natural fabrics are silk, cotton and linen. Keep in mind that wool, synthetic fabrics, turtlenecks and tight clothing should be avoided because they may set off an itch outbreak.

Bedding and household products

Making the best home for a child with sensitive skin may take a few trial and errors, especially in looking for the best products for the household must-haves range. From the ceiling, down to the floors; the best picks for an allergy-free home are natural fibers or cotton drapes, bed sheets, pillow covers and carpets. Plain hardwood is also a better option for flooring. When it comes to detergents and household cleaners, look for the ones that are dye-free, fragrance-free and of a neutral pH balance; these are less likely to cause irritation to your child’s sensitive skin.

Art and craft supplies

Did you know that art plays a really important role in a child’s overall development by promoting visual, motor and social skills? Children are also able to benefit art as a medium to express their emotions that they should have safe and non-toxic art supplies available to them from a very young age. As most of these supplies in the market are petroleum or oil-based and made from synthetic clays, dyes and solvents that are very irritating, parents have to really dig for better alternatives. Water-based supplies are not only washable, but also safer for your child. Some other alternatives include those made from natural pigments through plant or mineral extracts and the ones that are 100% food-grade. 

Read on to find out how you can win @Chubbyfingersplay crayons that are handmade with beeswax and non-toxic colouring when your child participates in our Colours of Malaysia contest!


The rules are simple; BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free. You might not know this but plastics may break down over time and this allows BPA to leach into the food your child eats. The presence of phthalate in your child’s tableware may absorb into their skin and then into the bloodstream, triggering allergic reactions. Why don’t you make the switch to safer alternatives such as food-grade silicone, eco-friendly bamboo or stainless steel?


Open to all Malaysian children below 12 years old, foster your children’s creativity with Ezerra’s Colours of Malaysia contest! From 29 August to 25 September 2020, download our colouring sheet, colour and submit it to win many fantastic prizes including LeRun bicycles and @Chubbyfingersplay non-toxic crayons, with a total worth of RM5,000!

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