Tips For Daily Skincare Routines


Tips For Daily Skincare Routines

Daily skincare routines can be difficult to maintain at times, especially if your baby has dry and irritated skin. This is even more so when you have a very young baby, who constantly needs your care and attention. Babies of that age tend to be very inquisitive. They can and will explore every space in the home. 

In that vein, there are certain things common in every household that your baby can easily get ahold of. However, you can reverse the effects of those items to ensure that their skin feels smooth and supple. Here are our top tips and recommendations:


Lifestyle tips & recommendations 

When giving your baby a bath, use non-SLS/SLES soaps to reduce the likelihood of dry and irritated skin. Even then, lather your baby with just enough soap to clean them as too much plain soap and water can strip your baby’s skin of sebum (natural oil produced by the skin). This in turn dramatically increases the likelihood of dry and irritated skin developing in your baby. We recommend our naturally formulated Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser to relieve your baby’s dry and irritated skin.

SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulphate), which are commonly added to soap to give it its foaminess, can irritate your baby’s skin and its effects are made worse by prolonged use. However, Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser is as safe as water, so you need not worry.

With your young baby, they have yet to develop a proper resistance against the elements and fluctuating temperatures, especially sudden ones. Your baby’s clothes should be made from cotton or cotton mix as it is more comfortable. This is also to avoid chafing your baby’s skin, which can result in the beginnings of dry and irritated skin. Rough clothing fabrics can also worsen their skin condition so you should avoid clothing made with materials such as wool.

When outside with your baby, sunscreen is a must to keep the sunburn and UV toxicity at bay. Apply sunscreen that does not contain PABA and preferably even the less toxic, PABA derived water-insoluble agent. However, it is advisable that your newborn be at least 6-8 weeks old before you bring them outside as their immune system is still developing and they may be more susceptible to external conditions.


The 3-step process to relieve your baby’s dry and irritated skin

Should your baby begin to develop dry and irritated skin or their skin has the presence of dryness and irritation and it worsens from contact with the above items, we recommend Ezerra’s Dry & Irritated Skin product line which includes the three step process in managing your child’s skin.


Step 1: Cleanse 

Begin with cleansing your baby’s skin to remove dirt and remove both redness and irritation with our Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser! This is a safe-for-babies formula, which does not contain both SLS and SLES, chemicals that strip away the skin’s natural moisture levels. Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser gently cleanses and nourishes your baby’s skin with additional moisturisation to maintain optimal skin health. 

Step 2: Relieve 

You can soothe itchiness, redness and dry skin with a selection of Ezerra products. Use Ezerra Cream on irritated patches of skin during the day, and Ezerra Ointment for nighttime application. If your baby’s skin is scratched, Ezerra Plus Cream would be a fitting product to provide extra protection against microbes and bacteria. 

Step 3: Maintain

When outbreaks of itchiness occur, short-term relief is good, but for lasting maintenance of healthy skin, Ezerra Lotion is a fundamental product in your baby’s daily skincare regime. This lotion is made to maintain intensive hydration by sealing in moisture for all-day comfort. You should use Ezerra Lotion directly after a bath for a lasting moisturising effect over large areas of the body.



Your baby’s skin is but one of the many things that require your attention but is as equally important as other matters. Thus, with the Ezerra product line, it will be easier for you to maintain your baby’s healthy skin. Like this article? Check out our Facebook page for more updates! 


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