3 Useful Tips to Stop Your Child from Scratching

Stop Your Child Scratching

Did you know that May is one of the hottest months on record? Now you might be wondering if that explains all the sleepless nights your child had to go through during this month. Chances are your little one might be sweating most of the time, causing itchiness and scratching, exposing the skin to bacteria on the surface. This can often make you feel like you’re at your wits’ end. But fret not, here’s how you can stop your child from scratching.

1. Keep your child’s skin moisturised

We cannot stress this enough. Doing this twice a day everyday helps keep the itch at bay. Always opt for extra gentle cleansers that are non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals such as SLS which may cause dryness and irritation to your child’s skin. To keep the skin hydrated and moisturised, we recommend you to try Ezerra Plus Cream which contains a triple-action formula that shields the skin from bacteria, stops itching, and moisturises the skin. All the benefits in one tube. 

2. Keep the skin covered with loose-fitting clothing

In times like these, choosing the right clothes for your child is more than just fashion – it’s about comfort and practicality. If your child suffers from itchy and irritated skin, always go for loose-fitting clothing. Even better, pick the ones that are also soft and breathable to keep your child comfortable all day long. Another guide to follow when choosing the right clothing for your child is to also consider the ones that have open collars and wrists to allow heat to escape. The key here is to not let your child sweat. 

3. Keep the itch off their mind with distraction techniques

Commonly, for many children with itchy and irritated skin, the itch gets worse at bedtime and scratching can also turn into a habit. Therefore, to minimise the irritation caused by scratching or to stop this habit from forming, you have to help keep the itch off your child’s mind. One of the strategies that may work is massaging your child’s face, back or legs with a moisturiser at bedtime. Fiddly toys like tangle toys are also great for keeping their hands busy. 

However, distraction alone may not be enough to keep the itch away at times. That is why Ezerra Plus Cream is here for the rescue! Children above 3 year-old would usually have more independent playtime. So when they sweat, they are prone to scratching their skin. Worst of all, it may get wounded and you wouldn’t even notice! Before playtime, always make it a routine to apply this cream onto your child’s itchy skin regularly to relieve itch and for protection against infection caused by scratching. With Ezerra Plus Cream, now your child can say goodbye to scratching and enjoy their playtime in comfort. 

Experiment with different ways to stop your child from scratching and find out what works best on your child. Remember, patience is the key.

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