The holiday season is upon us again, and that means vacation time! But for parents having children with dry and irritated skin, travelling is one of the more tedious parts of the holiday. From avoiding unexpected skin flare-ups to carefully planning the trip’s itinerary, we’re here to make parents’ lives easier. Continue reading below to find out what are the…


Constant itching, excessive scratching, painful crying and throwing tantrums — the list goes on. For parents who have gone through all of the stages with a child suffering from dry and irritated skin, this may seem like part and parcel of a daily routine. But what about the sibling(s)?  The chances of developing dry and irritated skin condition are much…


Scratching: Getting To That Sweet Spot Scratching an itch, be it from a mosquito bite or a ticklish, tingling area that just won’t stop seems like an utter relief at that time, but in the long run, scratching causes further itching due to how the brain behaves. Bottom line: the more you scratch, the more you itch. If your child…


  Playtime: Kids Learn Too! Numerous studies have proven that play is important for a child’s early growth and development and is not merely a passing pastime for leisure. Playtime strengthens bonds and helps them develop future skills. Your child’s dry and irritated skin should not prevent them from playing.  Thus, here are five playtime tips for a child with…


Tips For Daily Skincare Routines Daily skincare routines can be difficult to maintain at times, especially if your baby has dry and irritated skin. This is even more so when you have a very young baby, who constantly needs your care and attention. Babies of that age tend to be very inquisitive. They can and will explore every space in…


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