Dear parents out there, stop stressing yourself, we got this! During these worst days of the pandemic, some things are going to be harder than others. Keep calm and let’s not dwell too much on the things we could have gotten done or should have done differently. Look at the bright side, perhaps this is a great time to bond…


Being a parent to a child with itchy and sensitive skin is not an easy task — especially now during a pandemic when everyone is staying in and your child may require constant affection from you. So parents, in these trying times, we all need to do everything we can to keep our little ones safe, happy and comfortable. Here’s…


The power of touch is unparalleled. Human touch is an extremely powerful way of interacting with others, displaying affection, and developing relationships, especially for babies. Feeling the power of touch begins in utero, long before a baby is even born. Later on, your baby uses their sense of touch to learn about the textures of the world around them. Parents,…


Parents, here’s a heads up; if your baby suddenly starts being super fussy, irritable and constantly scratching through their skin, it’s possible that they have dry, irritated and itchy skin. This moment might also be the toughest period of your life as a parent. Fret not, a good skincare regime can help manage your child’s skin condition. Besides avoiding the…


How often do you feel helpless watching your children suffer in discomfort? Can you relate to those difficult times when they get clingy, aggressive, and fussy — along with the sleepless nights and constant scratching that bring heartache and frustration, taking a toll on the whole family? As a parent to a child with itchy and irritated skin, you will…


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